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Our Process

Our process centers on helping you understand the charges against you and explaining all of the options available for your legal defense.

Where do we start together?

Free Initial Phone Consultation - Here we will get spefics on your case and gather the information we need to properly review the charges against you. You may find it helpful to complete our information worksheet and have it on hand during this call. This sheet lets you know what pieces of information we may ask for so that you can have them at your fingertips.

Evaluate the case

We will review case specifics related to the charges, jusridiction, case history, prior offenses in order to create a solid defense strategy.


Review Defense Strategy

During this step we will inform you if your case has been accepted.
If your case has been accepted we will review the defense strategy and provide a quote for your desense. This is usuaually a flat fee.
If your case has not been accepted we will refer you to a competent attorney in the appropriate field of pratice.

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